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Seadmekapp 47U 2186x800x800 mm, klaasuks + metalluks. RAL7035

Tootekood: PRO-4788TS.G1SV
EAN: 4049759248161
Ühik: kmpl
Laoseis: Tellimisel
Hind: 1827,56 €
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19" network cabinet according to DIN41494
Steel sheet housing with screwed frame, completely pre-assembled, self-ventilated, dismountable
Inside front and rear 4 x 19"profiles (2 front, 2 rear-sided), galvanised, step-less depth-adjustable
Contrariwise numbering of rack units at the 19" profiles
Front door with window of certified safety glass (thickness 5 mm)
Front door with 3-point turning handle (up to 24U 1-point), lockable, incl. profile half-cylinder acc. to DIN18252 / EN 1303
Profile half-cylinder exchangeable by customer (30/10 mm)
Rear door steel, 1-part, shortened, with 2 x latch locking (lock equal to door lock), 3U panel for cable entry below (690 x 67 mm)
Door stop for front and rear door possible left- or right-sided
Detachable side walls with 2 x latch locking (lock equal to the door lock)
Cabinets stackable side-by-side with and without removal of the side walls, baying set (Art.-No. PRO-ANR0X)
Roof and bottom with 4/6 pre-punched openings for cable entry (450 x 90 mm), for 600 mm cabinet width cable entry only rear
Roof prepared for accommodation of 2-fan or 4-fan units, bottom with pre-punched opening for filter or cable entry modules
Internal earthing of all cabinet sections
Pre-assembled earthing bar rear-sided in the middle of the cabinet (ports: 2 x M5 + 2 x 8 mm)
Max. load 1000 kg (depths 600 / 800 mm) resp. 1360 kg (depths 1000 / 1200 mm for >24U)
Paint finish RAL7035, light grey
Protection degree IP20
Included accessories: 1 x brush, 1 x set of captive nuts (PU 20 pcs.), earthing bar and earthing cables, 4 x levelling feet M12, 2 x key
Delivery in transport packaging on disposable pallet


  • Type of front door
  • Glass door 1-part
  • Type of back door
  • Steel door 1-part
  • Mounting level
  • Front and rear
  • Model
  • With permanent frame
  • Modular spacing
  • 482,6 mm (19 inch)
  • Type of profile rail
  • Crank
  • Type of ventilation
  • Passive
  • With roof plate
  • True
  • With earthing
  • True
  • With front door
  • True
  • With backside door
  • True
  • With sidewall
  • True
  • With socket
  • False
  • Material
  • Steel
  • Surface finishing
  • With powder coating
  • Degree of protection (IP)
  • IP20
  • Demountable
  • True
  • Number of cartons
  • 1
Kandevõime 1000kg
Kõrgus U-des 47U
Standard IP20
Sügavus 800mm
Tüüp Klaasuks+metalluks
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