Ühendusmoodul CAT6A

Ühendusmoodul CAT6A

Tootekood: EFB37597.1
EAN: 4049759137014
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The Class EA connection module provides high perfomance for 10 Gbit/s at small required space, combined with easy assembling without the need of special tools. Universal possibilities of mounting through screwing, linking. Optional 19“ panel of up to 24 x modules provides multiple field of applications:
Connection of installation cable, e.g. in canals or ducts.
Connection of installation cable with patch cable for end-to-end links or consolidation point applications.

Fully shielded zinc diecast bodyhousing
Dimension (W x H x L) 18 x 26 x 39 mm
Link performance 10 Gbit/s Class EA acc. to ISO 11801
2 x compact cable manager for AWG26/1..AWG22/1 and AWG26/7..AWG24/7
Max. cable diameter: 8,5mm
Pair management with colour code, printed on cable manager
Reliable differentiation of cable managers by mechanical and colour assignment (plastic black / white) on the cable coupler and on cable managers
PoE and PoE Plus according to IEEE802.3af/at
360° shield contact and strain relief independent from each other
Gliding stored shield contact
Screw- and line-up through loops at the side of the module
19” panel for holding of 24 x modules available as accessory

Included in delivery:
1 x connection module, 2 x cable pre-sorter (black + white), 2 x copper foil, 2 x cable ties