Toitesiin 3x32A (max 22080W), 18xC13+6xC19, pikkus 1742mm, kaabel H05VVF.5G4,0mm² 2m

Tootekood: MXLJ3AMJ62
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Laoseis: Tellimisel
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18xC13 + 6xC19
Sockets are located in 6 blocks.
Each block is protected by circuit breaker for overload and short circuit. Tripping characteristic - type C, 16A, 1-pole.
Socket 45° oriented.
Plastic elements colour: light-grey similar to RAL7035.
Natural anodized aluminium body.
Dimensions without mounting brackets: width 44mm, length/height according to the table, depth 70mm.
Vertical mounting in 19” rack.
Mounting brackets for installation in 4 orientations.
Supply cable H05VVF.5G4,0mm² in white colour terminated IEC309 32A plug red 3-phase. Standard length up to 10m.
Maximum current 3x32A (22 080 W).
Mains voltage 230 VAC
Protection level IP20.
Declaration of Conformity CE