Seinakapp 15U 730x600x600mm, klaasuks,maandus,maks 50kg, värvus must

Tootekood: EFB691715FTS.2
EAN: 4049759160869
Ühik: kompl.
Laoseis: Tellimisel
Hind: 272,47 €
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Steel sheet housing with screwed frame
Not pre-assembled, self-ventilated
Side wall removable with quick fastener
Roof, bottom and rear wall with pre-punched openings for cable entry (230 x 41 mm)
Roof prepared for mounting of 2 x single fan (Art.-No. 691664)
Inside 2 x 19" rails front-sided, depth-adjustable
Front door with window of certified safety glass with lock (thickness 4 mm)
Cabinet parts completely earthed
Max. load 60 kg
Protection degree IP20
Paint finish RAL9005, jet black
Included accessories: 2 x key
Delivery unassembled in transport packaging (1 carton)
Kandevõime 60kg
Kõrgus U-des 15U
Sügavus 600mm
Värv Must