Maanduskomplekt (vasklatt koos 6 kaabliga )

Tootekood: EFBK3930V2
EAN: 4049759051686
Ühik: kompl.
Laoseis: Tellimisel
Hind: 35,74 €
 Lisa korvi


For mounting in all network / server cabinets Classic/ISR and wall-mount cabinets
Earthing kit consisting of:
Earthing bar 9 connection points, 9 x screws with washer for connection points, 2 x M5 nuts, 6 x earthing cable H07V-K, 1 x 6 mm², gn/ye, with M5 ring cable lug on both sides
Lengths: 2 x 390 mm, 2 x 580 mm, 1 x 670 mm, 1 x 800 mm
Material: steel, copper plated
All parts packed in polybag