LTC kaablikõri, pehme polüester ( 2.5 - 4cm) , 2m must

LTC kaablikõri, pehme polüester ( 2.5 - 4cm) , 2m must

Tootekood: LTC-5110
EAN: 4260162070716
Ühik: kmpl
Laoseis: Laos
Hind: 24,40 €
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The cable hose easily wraps around the cables you want to bundle. No tools are required and devices are not clogged during the process.
The robust fabric of the cable hose can be easily shortened to any desired length with scissors.

The LTC CABLE TUBE is extremely flexible. It can also be easily installed in corners, curves and sharp angles, without wrinkling.

Cable management: Design cord cover: self-closing cable cover / cable sleeve for quick bundling, hide and tidy away cables at home, in the office, agency, practice and workshop.
• Cable tidy: Easy to cut to individual length without causing the fabric to fray. The flexible and robust cable trunking adapts perfectly to the number of cables (diameter 0.98-1.58 inch / 2,5-4,0 cm).
• Cord protection: Cables can be inserted in to and taken out of the cable wrap through a small incision without breaking the sleeve. Ideal for nooks, corners, and sharp angles.
• Easy cord organizer: lateral opening for the easy insertion and removal of cables, wire cover can be fitted without disconnecting the equipment. Perfect combined with a cable box.
• LTC CABLE TUBE: ROHS-compatible cable conduit, resists temperatures from -55°F to +300°F (- 50 °C to + 150 °C), fire resistant, can be washed at temperatures up to 140°F (60°C)

Designer cable Management cord cover LTC CABLE TUBE: never again cable salad!

With the cable cover LTC CABLE TUBE cables are quickly bundled, protected and hidden. It is also possible to attach the cable sleeve without unplugging devices simply through lateral opening of the self-closing polyester material. Insertion or removal of individual cables in the cable sleeve is not a problem either. The LTC CABLE TUBE is very flexible and so also perfectly suited for sharp corners and tight angles. The diameter of the cable trunking is from 0.98-1.58 inch (2,5-4,0 cm) and adapts to its contents, so the wire cover is never thicker than needs be.