HDMI 2.0 adapteriga AOC hübriidkaabel HDMI-A (M) - HDMI-A (M), must, 50m

Tootekood: P-HDMI-AOC-50,0M
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The adaptable HDMI active optical cable is a plug & play cable that is versatile, e.g. for connection to professional AV systems, digital signage, LED display panels, even in outdoor areas. 
The cable is assembled with two HDMI-D plugs that can be adapted with HDMI-A plugs.

The HDMI-A adapters are included in the scope of delivery. All plugs have high-quality, robust metal housings.
The AOC cable transmits digital video signals without any loss at a data rate of 18 Gbps and 4K UHD over long distances up to 80 meters.

» Compared to copper cables, EMI and RFI impairments are significantly reduced.

Compared to copper cables, the AOC cable has several advantages: Its cable is very thin and flexible and offers high compressive and tensile strength. The bending radius - even after installation - is only 20 mm. These properties make it easy to lay. For installation in cable ducts, empty conduits, etc., a pull-in aid is included in the scope of delivery.

A power cable for external power supply is also included. The application is optional.


Plug type Source: Micro HDMI-D (TX) Plug type Display: Micro HDMI-D (RX)
Housing material: metal
Adapter Source: HDNI-A(TX) Adapter Display: HDMI-A(RX)
Housing material: Metall
Colours: ■ black (cable)
  • anthrazit(plugs)
Structure: glass fibers / copper wires
Outer diameter: 4.5 mm Jacket material: PVC
CPR classification according to EN 13501-6:
C„-st, d0
Bending radius: 20 mm (permanent)

Technical Data
Image resolution: up to 4Ktgl60 Hz Transmission rate: up to10 Gbps / 480 Mbps EMI / RFI: complete protection
Plug & Play: both-sided Temperature range:
0°C up to +50°C (operation)
-40°C up to +70°C (storage) Power supply: integrated Nax. tractive force: 15 kg
HDMI-D cable
HDMI-A adapter TX, HDMI-A adapter RX pulling aid
Pikkus 50,0m