FO seinapealne jaotuskarp SC  LC

FO seinapealne jaotuskarp SC LC

Tootekood: 6303-FFTX-BOX-1
EAN: 4260424518499
Ühik: tk
Laoseis: Laos
Hind: 12,14 €
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TTL network 6303-FTTX-BOX-1

FTTx Surface Box with 2 cut-outs for up to 2x SC (sx) or LC (dx) adapters

  • 2x SC simplex adapter
  • 2x LC duplex adapter

FFTx surface box with two cut-outs to insert up to two SC simplex or LC duplex adapters.
With metal mounting plate and plastic housing with integrated fiber tray and splice receptacle for crimp or shrink splice protection.
Including dust protection caps and plastic cover with labelling field including transparent protection.

  • compact design
  • easy handling
  • metal mounting plate for wall mounting
  • labelling field