C&C Partners

About us: 

We rely on our technologies - we are one of the 6 companies in the world that control the entire production process of optical fiber

 We are part of the TKH Group Holding, under which we have over 20 production facilities. That translates into access to the latest technologies from around the world. We use our own and sister companies' experiences for adjusting solutions to the conditions on the local market and the client's needs. In C&C Partners, we strive to increase the competitive advantage by implementing and developing our solutions. Thanks to these competencies, our systems cooperate with third-party ones. Our engineers have extensive competencies and authorizations to access top-secret information. Through professionalism in action, knowledge, and flexibility, we build long-term relationships with customers, creating solutions tailored to their needs.

The telecommunications sector and the production of optical fibers are only part of our offer. Our portfolio also includes advanced infrastructure, IT and security solutions.Using artificial intelligence in our products, we successfully implement projects in the area of Smart Cities. This translates into cost optimization in the area of facility management and higher efficiency of task implementation.

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