Duplex Jumper LC/APC-LC/APC 9/125µ, OS2,  LSZH, yellow, 2.0mm, 2m

Duplex Jumper LC/APC-LC/APC 9/125µ, OS2, LSZH, yellow, 2.0mm, 2m

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PC-version: True
APC version Connector 1:
APC version Connector 2:
Anti-kink sleeve: put-on
Bend optimized fiber: no
Cable Conform to Standard: IEC 60793-2
Cable Construction: Duplex
Cable type: I-V(ZN) H
Cable Ø: 2.0 mm
Category: OS2 acc. to ITU-T G.652.D
Colour outer sheath: yellow
Connector Conform to Standard: IEC 61754-20
Connector colour 1: green
Connector colour 2: green
Fibre type: Single mode 9/125
Flame retardant: According to EN 50265-2-1
Halogen free: acc. IEC60754-1
Halogen free (according to EN 50267-2-3): True
Insertion loss 1310nm: < 0.3 dB
Low smoke: acc. IEC61034-1
Material outer sheath: LSZH
Max. Tension: 160 N
Min. Bending radius (Dynamic): 20xOD
Min. Bending radius (Static): 10xOD
Number of fibres: 2
Operating Temperature: -20 – 75 °C
Quality class singlemode: B/2 acc. IEC 61753-1
Storage Temperature: -20 – 85 °C
Type of connector connection 1: LC-Duplex
Type of connector connection 2: LC-Duplex
The number of fibers 2
Connectors LC (APC) - LC (APC)
Length 2,0m
Standard OS2
Type APC
Color Yellow